Windows Server 2012 and Internet Explorer 10

Feeling stressed lately, giving up, downloading Chrome on Windows Server 2012 to download tools in your Windows Server 2012 lab environment?
I know how you feel, it’s a bit frustrating when you try to download files in Internet Explorer, you add the page to trusted websites, lower the security levels for the internet zone, turn off protected mode and still you are presented by The big white

Caution: When downloading files from Internet Explorer you need to ask yourself – what am I downloading and Why, am I only installing Chrome because I want to download Acrobat Reader, why am I installing Acrobat Reader on A SERVER?

The Solution is Knowledge!

If Internet Explorer Enchanced Security is Enabled – File downloads from the Internet Zone is turned off.

But for Lab/Testing/Iwillnotusethisinproduction you can turn off Internet Explorer Enchanded Security:
Open Server Manager, go to Dashboard, click Configure this local server, and in the properties section next to IE Enhanced Security Configuration click the ON and select OFF.
If you want to read more about enchanced security features in Windows Server 2012 and IE visit this webpage and read it.
BUT if you follow the instructions on the mentioned page and open IEs default page to find out more about Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration by clicking the link, you will most likely be presented with “This page can’t be displayed”.
Solution: Note the url res://ieframe.dll/IESecHelp.htm – if you change it to iesetup instead of ieframe.dll…etc you will access the correct help page.