There’s so much to see… and purchase

I guess you figured out by now that I’m not that much for shoe-shopping but I can however get stuck when it comes to other types of hardware.
And it feels like 2013 really is the Year of Hardware or YOH.
New hardware. So, please stop upgrading and modifying old… kinda crap stuff… and bring us shiny new ones.
I want full support for UEFI (all of UEFI an not just bits and pieces), USB 3.0, cheap SSD’s, disgustingly much RAM and not a device that weighs more than I do.

About a year ago I wanted to buy a new XBOX but as my better half stated “Why would you need two of them??!”… I didn’t buy one…
But it was a Halo special edition XBOX!! But hey, I’m not complaining, I did get to buy this giant plastic mountain that came with an even bigger box 😀

… And now there’s Halo 4… and my birthday is in March…So in case someone reads this 🙂

But hey, I’m not egoistic! I did buy my better half a Samsung Galaxy tab 8.9 over a year ago because I wanted a small touch tablet which didn’t weigh a ton or cost a fortune and I… I mean HE likes it a lot 🙂

But 2013 is coming and I need to prioritze what device to purchase and with Surface and Windows 8 Pro, well… I don’t know about you but I really, really, really want one.