Good-to-know troubleshooting in Outlook *shrug*

Have you ever heard of Kurgan? The evil Highlander Immortal of the movie Highlander? I don’t know why but troubleshooting certain… applications… makes me think of him, maybe it’s the thought of splitting the laptop open with a giant sword.
I like troubleshooting when the process is automated with Powershell or graphic tools with charts (like WSUS reporting or other stuff) that lets me take a quick overview of what could be wrong… So I thought a good-to-know-tool for Helpdesk is OCT Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.0 which scans your profile and checks for issues regarding everything from configuration errors to missing hotfixes (or service pack for that matter)

So downloading, installing and running OCT will give you this start page


And then you select Start a Scan and enter a scan label (name the scan) and if necessary enter the credentials if you need to run the scan for another account than the one you are logged on with.


Then it takes around 2 minutes (said 9 minutes but for me it took 2 minutes 🙂 for the scan to complete and then you can click View a report of this configuration scan